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Welcome to the ATEM software!

This software package updates your ATEM to the latest software release for new features, bug fixes and other enhancements as well as installing Blackmagic Media Express.

What's new in ATEM 6.3

  • Macros have been implemented. You can now program your switcher to do amazing sequences and effects with the touch of a single button!
  • General performance and stability updates

Minimum System Requirements for Mac OS X

  • Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later
  • Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later
  • Display resolution of at least 1366 by 768 or larger
  • A suitable USB 2.0 port for software updates
  • An Ethernet connection for switcher control

Minimum System Requirements for Windows

  • Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit
  • A suitable USB 2.0 port for software updates
  • An Ethernet connection for switcher control

Installing ATEM Software

Before installing the software, we recommend that you run "Uninstall ATEM" first.

The ATEM installer package installs:

  • ATEM Software Control
  • ATEM Setup Utility
  • Blackmagic Media Express

NOTE: Please update the internal software in your ATEM Switcher and ATEM Broadcast Panel after installing this software. Simply connect the ATEM Switcher with a USB cable and run the included ATEM Setup Utility software. Then repeat for the ATEM Broadcast Panel. After this update, check your switcher chassis IP address in the ATEM Setup Utility.

Additional Information

Please check for additional information on third party software compatibility and minimum system requirements.

Some applications may use third party code under license. For details please refer to the included "Third Party Licenses.rtf" document.

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Updated January 14, 2015.